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It would be very useful to have list of faculty on the site and how to contact them via e-mail!
Great Website! Love the pictures!! Just for general information, the class of 1986 will be holding their 25 year High School Reunion on August 13, 2011 starting at 5pm at the Elk's Lodge in Quincy. Call or e-mail Lori Bailey to update your contact information or reserve your place at the dinner! loribailey@marykay.com 530-846-1254
I like this site
Glad to see the web site. I graduated june of 1972. I have lost all photos from that period of my life. My grandchildren would like to see what their Grandfather was up to in that time. Do have an archive that can be accessed from the web? If not can you supply information to purchase the Year Book, for Graduating Class of 1972?
Thank you in advance for the information.
Michael Park
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