Plumas Governing Board

Plumas Unified School District is controlled locally through a Board of Education elected by voters throughout the entire county. Five board members serve as single-member district representatives. All of the members serve four-year terms without salary. The Board of Education conducts the school program in accordance with the state constitution and the standards set by the state. A policy-making body, the board delegates the day-to-day administration of the schools to the Superintendent and the professional staff.

Board of Education

PCOE and PUSD are now using CSBA Agenda Online for developing and publishing the agendas for the County and District.  Effective November 2014, please go to the link below to view the agendas.

SchoolCenter PicturePublic Hearing Notice LCAP 4.16.15

Public Hearing Notice PUSD Owned Facilities 4.16.15

The School Board is elected by the voters of Plumas County and serves a constituent district.