Adult Education

Plumas Adult Education

Adult Education Centers:
  • Chester- coming soon!
  • Greenville- coming soon!
  • Portola- Tue/Wed 3:30-6:30 pm, Wellness Center (414 Main Street)
  • Quincy- Tue Feather River College, LRC 105
    Thur Pioneer (175 N. Mill Creek) Campus Rm. 8, 4:30-7:00 pm
Enrollment Requirements

Persons in California between six and eighteen years of age are subject to compulsory full-time regular school attendance (EC 48200). Persons eighteen years of age and older are eligible to enroll in adult education programs. Also eligible are (1) minors, regardless of age, who are pregnant or are actively engaged in the parenting of his or her child or children (EC 52610.5); (2) high school students who are eligible for enrollment in adult education programs (EC 52500.1); and (3) students who are exempt from compulsory continuation education as prescribed by law (EC 48410). Emancipated minors are considered adults and may enroll in any adult school or college in accordance with the eligibility rules of the institution. During their period of expulsion, expelled students may not enroll in any other school or school district except a county or district community day school or a juvenile court school (EC 48915.2[a]).

Eligible clients may enroll by attending one of the Adult Education centers or calling 283-6500 or by contacting Michelle Abramson (

Feather River Adult Education Consortium

The Feather River Adult Education Consortium (FRAEC) is comprised of three districts: Feather River College, Plumas County Office of Education / Plumas Unified School District, and Sierra County Office of Education / Sierra-Joint Unified School District. Each Consortium Member District has a shared vision to support adult students in achieving academic success in pursuit of personal gratification, better employment, promotion potential, and increased post-secondary opportunities.
Upcoming Adult Education Consortium public meetings:
Board Meeting 12/17/18 Agenda and Board Packet
Board Meeting 11/15/18 Agenda and Board Packet
Board Meeting 10/5/18 Agenda and Board Packet Board Packet
Board Meeting 9/10/18 Agenda and Board Packet
Board Meeting 8/13/18 Agenda and Board Packet