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COVID-19 Updates

Revert to Distance Learning Beginning November 16th

Due to the increased cases of COVID around our county and multiple meetings over the past several days, Plumas COE and Unified School District will revert to distance learning beginning Monday, November 16th. All students will participate in full time distance learning Monday (11/16) -Friday (11/20), followed by the Thanksgiving Holiday 11/23-11/27. If students need to participate in an Internet hub, please contact your school site.

7th-12th grade students will follow the attached schedule for Zoom class times and asynchronous instruction. TK-6 students should check their Canvas or information from their teacher and school site for Zoom class times. There will be no class/teacher changes at this time.

On Wednesday, November 18th we will have further discussion regarding this topic during our Board Meeting and the length of time we will be in distance learning will be determined.

All conditioning activities and field trips have been canceled through 11/29. Food distribution will be available via community delivery schedules or designated site pickups.

In closing, we appreciate your understanding during these challenging times. The hope for all students, families and staff is to be safe and smoothly transition into distance learning. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your school site.
11-13-20 DL HS Schedule
Plumas County Board of Education (PCOE) and Plumas Unified School District (PUSD) Governing Board Trustees conducted a meeting on Wednesday, October 7th, and action was taken to transition to an in-person AM/PM instructional model. 
The start date will be Monday October 26, 2020.
We will still offer distance learning and independent study for those who prefer alternative instructional models. 


Clarification on Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability

The district sends annual parent notifications which state that we are not liable for injury. Because of this, optional insurance policy information is normally sent prior to the start of each year. Due to heightened awareness surrounding COVID-19, the notification and waiver have been called out separately, including the illness provision, and  more legal terminology. In a typical year, the notification regarding lack of district liability is sent in the annual parent notification and acknowledged by checking the box as part of the registration process in Aeries.

Assumption of Risk - this is just stating that while the district will do everything possible to maintain a safe and healthy environment, the parents acknowledge they are choosing to send their child to attend classes in person and there is still an associated risk.

Waiver of lawsuit/liability - agreement not to sue if student contracts COVID-19 or anything else, such as the flu. Aside from COVID-19, this type of waiver for injury is typically included in the annual parent notification packets.

Hold harmless - this is stating that individual employees in addition to the district as a whole would not be held responsible for students contracting COVID-19 or another illness. This does not negate any protections under California law.


Plumas County has implemented a phone line and an e-mail for COVID-19 related questions.
Phone Line - (530) 283-6400
Email -