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Instructional Coaches

Instructional Coaches Susan Frediani and Yvonne Casalnuovo

Instructional Coaching connects coaches with teachers to help them enhance teaching and learning so students are more successful. Started as a practice by Jim Knight of the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning, an Instructional Coach encourages self-assessment as a tool to identify areas for support or skills-building.

With a combined amazing 65+ years of teaching experience between them, Susan Frediani and Yvonne Casalnuovo are able to offer insight and strategies for both new and veteran teachers through a variety of channels, including Instructional Coaching, implementing training for new initiatives like understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and helping to structure the district-wide meetings for specific subject-area educators. They also work with analysis of student assessment data as well as coordinate the district supported teacher Induction program.

First episode of the Young Alumni roundtables, hosted by Instructional Coach and Project Coordinator Susan Frediani. Episode 1 features three PUSD alumni who have pursued STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields after graduating from high school. They are: Kendal Hicks, Garrett Hagwood, and Damian Whittemore.
Episode 2 of the Young Alumni Roundtable, with guests Rachel Hanna, Ian Mahaffey, and Andrew Murphy. You will learn how each of them found a career in a STEM field, and what their journey was from high school, to college, to career.
Episode 3 of the Young Alumni Roundtable features Kelsey Michael Nelson, Justin Sipe, and Anthony Braddick.