Fall Oaks

Embracing the Outdoors: A Nature-Infused Journey with Our Adapted PE Students

APE Fall Hike to the Q
Recently, Quincy Jr/Sr High Adapted PE students, along with paraprofessional Taylor Durgan and Adapted PE specialist Kathleen Copeland, stepped into the refreshing autumn breeze for a fall hike to the Q, just above the high school campus. This outing was more than just a hike; it was a dive into the therapeutic essence of nature, highlighting the importance of lifelong physical activity intertwined with nature's calm.

As the group traversed the interpretive trail, they delved into a modified version of Shinrin-Yoku or "forest bathing", a Japanese practice promoting well-being by immersing oneself in a forest setting. The students were encouraged to observe and absorb the sights, sounds, textures, and aromas around them, fostering a deep connection with the tranquil woodland ambiance.

Pictured here are (l-r) Taylor Durgan with QJSHS students Chad Lausen and Song Lian Hardee, whose relaxed, smiling faces mirror the soothing and rejuvenating vibes of our natural surroundings.
Published 10/2/23