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Good afternoon,

Last evening, 3/19/20, during a press conference, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a stay-at-home order to the entire state of California. The Governor urged Californians to shelter-in-place, avoid nonessential errands and practice social distancing. Despite this announcement, critical functions of education outlined in the Governor’s March 13, 2020 executive order (link below) are still in effect and staff needed to perform those functions are exempt from the new statewide stay-at-home mandate. The bottom line for school districts is that we are required to proceed with our plans until new information dictates otherwise.

A few important facts from the Governor’s executive order provides that even if schools close temporarily because of COVID-19, school districts must:

  • Continue delivering high-quality educational opportunities to students through other options, distance learning and independent study;
  • Safely provide school meals consistent with the requirements of the California Department of Education and U.S. Department of Agriculture;
  • Continue to pay employees.

With the above information the order does NOT change or impact our roles, which are considered essential, and our duty to carry out essential services. 

Today, Friday, March 20th, our Food Service Staff and Site Principals have provided an incredible service to our families by providing meals for pick up at designated sites. In addition, we have many of our staff working from home preparing for the roll out of distance learning as well as fulfilling the ongoing functions of running a school district.  

Monday, March 23rd, unless our status changes, we will return to our plan from the March 18th “COVID 19 School Closures Memo” (attached) which clarifies the following:

  • Eleven month certificated employees are assigned to communicate with their supervisor to determine whether to work from home or a school site if it is safe for them to do so. This includes employees belonging to a COVID-19 high-risk class, who should review with their supervisor.  
  • Certificated and Classified employees are required to remain available during regular work hours.  
  • If classified employees are unable to work at their regular site due to high-risk status or complete work at home, they may request personal necessity leave, flex time, or time for time / compensatory time. 
  • Unless members of a high-risk class, twelve (12) month employees should report to work. If 12 month employees are unable to report to work due to their risk status,  they must contact their supervisor and request personal necessity leave, flex time, compensatory time off, or to work at an alternate work site with approval of their supervisor. 
  • Please note, all employees either fall into the category of 11 or 12 month employees.  


On Monday, March 23rd elementary school sites will modify their Chromebook pick up plan and high school sites will have open access between 7:30-10:00am, following social distancing protocols.  After that, access will be by appointment only.  

On Tuesday, March 24th staff will continue to prepare for the roll out of supplemental distance learning options for students.  

The revised schedule for meal distribution has been updated to include bus routes. Please see the attached memorandum titled “Updated Meal Distribution Memo with Routes”.

We understand many of our staff are uncertain of their current work status, roles and responsibilities during school and site closures so please communicate with your site administrator.  With messages from our state officials evolving each day, we feel confident with the plan that was shared on Wednesday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. forwarded to all staff by Assistant Superintendent, Kristy Warren will guide us through spring break. 

We commit to sharing updates as we receive from our state officials.  Again, thank you for your ongoing patience, support, communication and collaboration with each other. 

With gratitude and appreciation for all you do!

Terry R. Oestreich

PCOE & PUSD Superintendent

530-283-6500, x 5200 Office