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Health Services

A school nurse is available to students to help provide them with the tools to achieve optimum physical and mental health and support their educational process through improved health and wellness knowledge.

The school nurse provides the following services to students through the health office:
  • Assess health needs
  • Teaches and promotes health practices
  • Provides communicable disease control
  • Performs mandated health screenings
  • Provides brief counseling, emergency care, crisis management and referrals to outside agencies for further care
School nurses are assigned to multiple schools. Each school nurse's schedule may be accessed through the school office staff.
Parents are invited to contact the school nurse for health-related questions or concerns related to their student's health and well-being by calling the school site directly. Older students are encouraged to seek assistance from the school nurse independently.
A reminder about medications at school:
School district policy BP 5141.21 and California Ed Code 49423 dictates that students are only allowed to take medications (prescription and over-the-counter) by parent request and with physician clearance. All medications with exception of Insulin, Asthma rescue inhalers, and Epinephrine auto-injectors must be kept in the locked cupboard in the health office. Students are assisted with medication administration by nurse or office staff. Students presenting with a need for medication during school hours should be directed to the school nurse.
Our Health Office Staff

Credentialed School Nurses
Emilee Pruitt, MSN, RN
District Lead Nurse; Portola Schools; District-wide
Jessica Logan, BSBA, RN - QHS, Chester Schools
Lauren Tasaki, BSB, RN  - QES - Alder & Pioneer, Greenville Schools
Christina Tate, LVN - Portola Area