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Quincy High School Students Participate in the Memory Project

QHS student works on portraitQuincy Jr/Sr High School art student Maya Crump works on her watercolor portrait of a Colombian child for the Memory Project.

The Memory Project is an initiative that bridges cultures and continents through art. Based in Wisconsin, this non-profit organization invites art teachers and their students to craft portraits for children worldwide who have faced adversities like neglect, abuse, loss of parents, violence, and extreme poverty. The goal is to make these children feel cherished by gifting them a piece of personal history and art.

Mrs. Frid, a dedicated visual and media arts teacher at Quincy Jr/Sr High School (QJSHS), discovered the Memory Project early in her career. Since then, she has engaged her students in this compassionate cause. They've created portraits for children in a number of different nations, including Vietnam, Ecuador, Jamaica, Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine, and Sierra Leone. This year, the focus is on children in Colombia.

The process is simple yet impactful. The Memory Project sends photos of children from the selected country to participating artists. Students then choose their preferred medium, ranging from digital tools like Adobe Illustrator to traditional ones like watercolors and colored pencils. Upon completing their artwork, they take a picture of themselves, attach it to the art, and mail it back to the organization, which personally delivers the portraits to the kids. Finally, a video of the delivery and pictures of kids holding their treasured art is emailed back to Mrs. Frid’s class, creating a lasting bond between young American artists and children around the globe.

This project is more than an art assignment; it's a cultural and reflective journey. Students explore the backgrounds of the children they're painting, fostering a deeper understanding and connection.

Interested in supporting this beautiful cause? Visit www.memoryproject.org for more details. Participation is easy with a small fee of $15 per portrait to cover shipping and handling. This year's expenses for Mrs. Frid's class were kindly covered by QHS Boosters. Contributions towards future projects can be made to QHS Boosters, helping to continue this cycle of compassion and connection.

Kylie and Ellis
QJSHS 9th graders Kylie Poole and Ellis Etter
QHS art students with Memory Project portraitsQJSHS art students Evelyn Valdivia, Logan Molina, Reese Daniels, and Maya Crump

QHS art students

QJSHS art students Jennifer Kingston, Shelby Nussle and Addison Lee


QHS art students

QJSHS art students Angie Covello, Lexi Covello, and Logan Molina


This year’s participants:

9th grade

Ellis Etter

Kylie Poole

10th grade

Maya Crump

Reese Daniels

Addison Lee

Logan Molina

Anthony Warndorf

11th grade

Angie Covello

Lexi Covello

Jennifer Kingston

Shelby Nussle

Evelyn Valdivia


Published January 9, 2024