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All-County Band Day A Success

Dr. Brown greets conductor Jim MazzaferroDr. Jane Brown welcomes noted music educator and conductor Jim Mazzaferro to the stage to lead the Apprentice Band through their first piece.

The recent All-County Band Day marked a monumental success for music education in Plumas County, drawing an impressive participation of 160 students. The event, hosted in Serpilio Hall at the county fairgrounds, saw an audience that exceeded seating capacity during the afternoon concert on Monday, May 18. The swift action of adding extra chairs reflected the community's strong support, a point Superintendent Roderick highlighted in his opening remarks, celebrating this "good problem" as a testament to the backing of student musicians by their families and friends.

Mrs. Hardee plays french hornQuincy schools music teacher Mrs. Eliza Hardee fills in playing french horn during rehearsals for the Journeyman Band's performance.

In a vibrant showcase of talent and dedication, students from across the county immersed themselves in two days of intensive workshops and rehearsals at the fairgrounds, all leading up to the eagerly anticipated concert. Under the expert tutelage of music teacher Eliza Hardee, Dr. Jane Brown, and esteemed former PUSD music educators Marsha Roby, Jim Norman, and Bob Greene, young musicians were divided into groups based on their instrument, receiving personalized coaching and insights.

Apprentice band rehearsing Guest Conductor Jim Mazzaferro rehearsing with the Apprentice Band.

The Apprentice Band, comprising 110 musicians from 5th to 8th grade, delighted the audience with a repertoire that included the iconic "Star Wars Theme" and the whimsical "Attack of the Garden Gnomes." Under the baton of renowned music educator and conductor Jim Mazzaferro, the band's performance was both spirited and captivating.

Dean Nordby leads the Journeyman Band rehearsalGuest Conductor Dean Nordby leads the Journeyman Band into a crescendo during rehearsals.

Meanwhile, the Journeyman Band, a 50-member ensemble, enchanted attendees with their renditions of "Encanto" and "How to Train Your Dragon," along with "African Dreams" and "Flying Cadets." Guided by the award-winning conductor Dean Nordby, their performance was a testament to the depth of musical talent within the county.


Published March 20, 2024