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Educational Options

Educational Options Overview

Plumas Academies: Students may earn credits for core content and electives through Plumas Unified School District’s Plumas Academies approved online vendors identified as Apex Learning®, UC Scout and School Pathways® resources, as well as through independent study and community college coursework.
Apex Learning® courses are effective for original credit, credit recovery, remediation, exam prep, and Advanced Placement® programs with many A-G approved courses. The Apex Learning academic curriculum provides standards-based courses in math, science, English, social studies, world languages, and electives, primarily for grades 9 through 12. Rich multimedia, scaffolding, and interactivity keep students motivated and help them succeed. A powerful set of learning management tools supports differentiated instruction and flexibility in meeting student needs. Plumas Academies uses two programs from Apex Learning®:

Class Tools Achieve (CTA)- Curriculum provided by Apex, taught by a PUSD teacher
Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS)- Curriculum provided by Apex, taught by an online teacher from Apex
UC Scout offers online courses from the University of California System. Scout from University of California is a SAPEP program that develops and delivers A-G approved, online classes and curriculum to students around the globe. Course materials are designed to inspire lifelong curiosity and prepare pupils of all backgrounds and education levels for an increasingly technological world where training and job skills are mobile, asynchronous, and self-directed. Plumas Academies uses the following programs from UC Scout:
Basic: Curriculum provided by UC Scout, taught by a PUSD teacher, used to supplement classroom instruction
Plus: Curriculum provided by UC Scout, facilitated by a PUSD teacher, includes Learning Management System (LMS) for individual students to take the course.
Premium: Curriculum provided by UC Scout, taught by an online teacher from UC Scout. Courses are offered with set start/end dates, twice per year in Fall and Spring. Premium courses have due dates for assignments set by the online teacher with hard start and end dates.
On Demand: curriculum provided by UC Scout, taught by an online teacher from UC Scout. On Demand courses have start and end dates set by the PUSD teacher.


School Pathways® and the software Report Writer® allow creation and design of custom lesson plans based on current course offerings and curriculum. Teachers individualize assignments to meet specific student needs that can be organized by the week or month. This program is used primarily for independent study and utilizes traditional textbooks with pencil/paper assignments.

Independent Study may be full time or blended between part time independent study and part time on the comprehensive high school campus. Independent study students remain full time students of the comprehensive high school and have access to all extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, and school events.
Community College courses may be taken during Plumas Academies classes. Students enroll directly through the community college. Since these are not PUSD courses, these may only be taken during a Plumas Academies course if a student is enrolled in five other PUSD courses.
Learn more about Concurrent Enrollment in the document below.
To learn more about the educational options and to obtain the necessary paperwork prior to enrolling in the course/s of study, please contact your high school counselor. The educational options of these programs offer students an opportunity to earn credits in a timely manner and for the purpose of meeting graduation requirements and acceleration through the student’s high school career.
International Exchange Student Requirements
  • Please refer to the Board Policy 6145.6 below for complete information on requirements to enroll international exchange students.