CRC 6th graders rafting

Curriculum and Instruction

Our mission is to educate all students by instilling 21st Century skills and inspire lifelong learning. We believe that making learning relevant to the real world will help students thrive in the workforce, contribute to their communities and become productive members of society. We enhance our curriculum by teaching the 4 Cs: critical thinking, effective communication, collaboration, and creativity. Teachers engage in continuous learning through Professional Learning Communities to enhance student growth.

Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, all students in grades 1st-12th will be issued a device.  1st-6th grade will have Chromebooks and 7th-12th grade will have laptops.  
Overview of the 1:1 device program
The focus of the 1:1 Laptop Program in Plumas Unified School District is to prepare students for their futures in a world of digital technology and information. As we navigate the 21st century, excellence in education requires that technology, including access to the Internet, be readily available and seamlessly integrated throughout the educational process. The primary technology tool of these 21st century students in Plumas Unified School District is an internet enabled laptop: a web-oriented device that provides the opportunity to connect student learning to all the resources and information available online while on the school campus.