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E-Therapy Mental Health Counseling Services

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Plumas County Office of Education is partnering with E-Therapy to offer counseling services available to all PCOE students for free. 

E-Therapy provides mental health counseling to students in need. E-Therapy’s licensed professional counselors offer teletherapy services with students in treating mental, behavioral, and emotional problems and disorders. Counseling services are available to all PCOE students for free.

Our Counselors:

  • Treat a variety of behavioral and mental health areas including: self monitoring, emotional regulation, managing aggression, managing anxiety, problem solving, compliance/participation, and social interaction
  • Screen and assess when appropriate
  • Collect data and monitor each student’s progress toward therapy goals
  • Collaborate and meet with the school team to meet each student’s needs
  • Consult and guide caregivers as needed, to support the mental health, safety, and well being of each student


Referral Process

  • E-Therapy has a quick, easy referral system. Students’ information entered here will go directly to E-Therapy
  • Once the student's information entered in the referral link, E-Therapy will follow-up with all students
  • One of E-Therapy’s Licensed Therapists already staffed full-time with PCOE will contact the parent/guardian and student in a timely manner


Intake Process

  • Initial Intake with student will occur virtually, a Phone Assessment with the Parent/Guardian, E-Therapy will confirm receipt of Consent to Treat Form and Information Release Form
  • Student will be scheduled for counseling session either in school or after school by consulting with student or family
  • Psychosocial Assessment of student is completed, with screener if applicable and initial guardian information.
  • E-Therapist will create goals with students’ input and a treatment plan will be established at the initial or second session.


During Treatment

  • E-Therapists will maintain communication on a regular basis with family.
  • Treatment Plan will be reviewed with student and family to determine treatment progress. When warranted, a family session can occur.
  • E-Therapy offers flexible scheduling for in-school or after school sessions.
  • Students would be assigned to a therapist with a frequency of sessions. (Examples: 2x/week, 1x/week, 2x/month, 1x/month)
  • Virtual sessions should take place in a quiet private space.
  • Staff member/Guardian can be present at the start of session for assistance in logging on if needed
  • Requires a device with webcam and wi-fi capabilities.


E-Therapy’s goal is to support the whole school community’s well-being, ensuring lasting results for both students and educators confidentially.