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Student Opt Out for Google Apps

What is Opt Out of Google Apps for Education?

By choosing to Opt Out, you are selecting to not allow your student access to Google Apps For Education services, and thereby, may make it difficult for them to accomplish certain assignments during school hours, or in connection with school work.

Opt Out Levels

There are two levels of Opting Out. You will be asked to pick one below.
No Email, but access to Google Drive
  • Student will not have access to email as provided by Plumas Unified School District and Plumas County Office of Education.
  • Communication within the Google Apps Domain will be severely limited, as email is the main communication mode for most services. Communication from student collaborators, teachers and administrators will be severely limited.
  • Student will continue to have access to Google Drive, which will allow them to work on word processing projects, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Student will continue to be able to share documents with others, and work collaboratively, but peer-editing using comments, etc. will be severely limited.
Total Opt Out
  • The student’s Google Apps for Education account will be suspended indefinitely, with an option to reactivate.
  • Student will have no access to email, Google Drive files, etc within one week of the Opt Out request being submitted.
  • Please plan accordingly to remove / download files currently stored in the account.