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Strategic Plan

Mission Statement: 
Our Mission is to collectively inspire every child in every classroom every day.
Vision Statement: 
We ensure an exemplary education with diverse opportunities and we accept no limits on the learning potential of any child.
Our Core Values:
Learning – We support continuous learning first and foremost as the foundation for success.
Fiscal Responsibility – We fulfill our stewardship to provide for the students of today and tomorrow.
Compassion – We treat ourselves and others with compassion and respect.
Teamwork – We work together in a supportive and positive manner.
Individuality – We honor the unique gifts and contributions of each student, staff and community member. 
Accountability – We follow through on our commitments. We are responsible and accountable for our actions and results.
Communication – We listen, respond, and follow through with open and respectful two-way communication.
Strategic Goals:
1. Student Achievement - All students will graduate from high school with academic and social-emotional skills, prepared for continuing education and career opportunities.
2. Fiscal Responsibility - The District will have a balanced budget.
3. Staff – Recruit and retain the most talented, student-centered staff and invest in their professional growth.
4. Family/Community – Engage and enhance family and community partnerships, home-to-school connections and establish our schools as community centers.
5. Facilities – All School facilities will be 21st Century teaching and learning environments.
6. Leadership- Accept leadership, responsibility, and accountability for implementing the vision, mission, values, goals, and policies of the Board of Trustees and determine each leader’s commitment to providing excellent service to our communities.
These six goals are represented in our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).