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Prevention Education

The goal of prevention education is:
  • To encourage our youth to be tobacco, alcohol and drug free by promoting healthy choices and lifestyles
  • To help create a healthier, happier alcohol, tobacco and drug free community now and for our future 
The purpose of tobacco use prevention education (TUPE) is to raise awareness, provide information, and promote the adoption of healthy behaviors to prevent tobacco use and its associated health risks.
The TUPE program provides funding for programs in grades K-12 for tobacco-specific student instruction, reinforcement activities, special events, and intervention programs for students.
Plumas County Office of Education, School District, and Schools have been certified by the California Department of Education as having met the Tobacco Free School District criteria.                                
The Prevention Department participates, sponsors, and/or assists programs for Teen Suicide, Bullying, At Risk and Foster Youth.
We are a large sponsor for our high schools' “Safe, Sober and Tobacco Free” Grad night.
Proposition 99 (Prop 99):
  • The Tobacco Tax and Health Protection Act of 1988 (also known as Prop 99), was approved by California Voters.
  • Increased the state cigarette tax by 25 cents per pack and added an equivalent amount on other tobacco products.
Proposition 56 (Prop 56)
  • California voters overwhelmingly passed the California Healthcare, Research, and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act of 2016 (Prop 56) in 2016.
  • Prop 56 increased the cigarette tax from $0.87 to $2.87 per pack. The initiative also increased the tax on other tobacco products by an equivalent amount, including electronic smoking devices for the first time.


* For materials such as posters, informational brochures, games, etc,
please contact Ashliegh Boyd:

Ashliegh Boyd
Prevention Coordinator
Email [email protected]
(530) 283-6500 x5126