CRC 6th graders rafting

Plumas to Pacific

 The watershed year ends with students following their Feather River water drop from the headwaters of the Plumas to the Pacific Ocean

After spending the year learning about their headwaters home and where their water comes from, students have earned the right to discover where their Feather River water drop flows to as it leaves the familiar ground of home. From canyon to valley, delta to estuary, and finally the ocean students study the 7 primary uses of their Feather River and it's part in California's Water Story.
  1. Wildlife/Environment
  2. Domestic/Municipal
  3. Agriculture
  4. Recreation
  5. Hydroelectricity
  6. Business/Commerce
  7. Transportation
The Upper Feather River is the headwaters for the California State Water Project, providing the domestic water supply for 2/3 of California's population as well as the significant agricultural area. It is critical that our students know this story and the stewardship role that we who live at the headwaters play in the state. Managing water in California will remain a challenge for generations to come and our students develop their critical thinking skills to explore the costs and benefits of every choice - past, present, and future.