Drone trees

Learning Landscapes

 K-12 partnership with the Feather River Land Trust to improve access to outdoor areas adjacent to every PUSD site & support effective teacher use

Since 2003 the Feather River Land Trust (FRLT) has been working with the PUSD to improve student access to outdoor spaces within a 10-minute walk of every classroom. This place-based learning approach brings field trip activities into everyday pedestrian, possibility.
Through creative land conservation, FRLT has helped to secure access to 9 public and private properties adjacent to the eight PUSD campuses. In addition to these off-campus sites, FRLT has assisted the PUSD in creating an outdoor classroom on every campus so that on any given day teachers can step outside and conduct class in the mountain air. Entry access, signage, and trails are additional infrastructure improvements that improve the usability of these sites. Lastly, FRLT works with the PUSD to support teachers to independently use these spaces. The teacher support strategy includes access to quality materials and effective training to improve their knowledge, understanding, and comfort in using the outdoors as a regular resource.